About Us

Passion For Gaming

AnimetalCrafts was born out of my love and obsession with all things gaming, anime, movies, and nostalgia nerdy goodness; but my shop doesn’t end there!

I can take anything you have in your head, make it a reality, and then cut it out of metal, print it on metal or canvas, or make a playmat, mousepad, or coasters out of it!

Passion For Creating

I was sitting at the shop talking with my friends and noticed that we all had creative and cool accessory ideas, but no-one had produced it, yet. So I thought, “Why can’t I create this stuff?”

Now, I’m able to create those cool and unique accessories that we all might want, and bring your creative idea to life.

A Look Into Animetal

We are an anime themed print shop, dedicated to bringing cool and fun anime items to our customers. Animetal Crafts also make items with TCG and gaming related materials in mind. In the future we hope to offer more items such as TCG sleeves, deck boxes, and holographic play mats. However we don’t plan to stop there our future plans are limitless and constantly evolving.

A Message From Scott

“Hi, my name is Scott Stockton. I have been a lifelong fan of all things anime, gaming, cinema, comics, and everything in between. Whether it is something mainstream, or super obscure, I have generally been a fan of it at some capacity. Some would say I even came out of the womb trying to do my first jutsu, or maybe it was a Kamehameha, I can’t remember.

But anyway, with that being who I am at my core, I have also been lucky enough to obtain skills and talents in machining, creating art, metalwork, and the way those things have integrated themselves has proved to be the most enjoyable part of my existence in being able to convert all the things I love into physical manifestations and share with everyone that I can.”

- Scott Stockton